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I spent four-and-a-half years at the University of Pennsylvania in the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS).  I finished my BSE in Bioengineering in the Spring of '99 and the Master of Biotechnology program in December '99.  Now that I've been out of school for a while, I look back and remember the time I spent working on my assignments with my friends, not so much the assignments themselves.  I miss the time working, not so much the work.

During my time at Penn, I spent a great deal of time working with student groups.  I served as President of the Society of Bioengineering (SoBE), Vertex (a.k.a. Vice President) of the Hexagon Senior Society for Engineers, Day Captain for the Kite & Key Undergraduate Admissions Tour Guides, and  the BE Associate Director for the Engineering Peer Advisory Council (EPAC).  These activities were breaks from my academics, but soon became my passions and joys. 

In addition to my work with student groups, I also worked with outside ventures.  The first was the Journal of Young Investigators (JYI), an online undergraduate research journal that seeks to promote the publication process as an integral portion of a complete science education.  To achieve its goals, JYI offers undergraduates the opportunity to participate in the peer-review process, either as a reviewer or an author, sometimes both!  It also offers undergraduates the chance to work on the administrative side of the business as well working with organizational development, public relations, grant writing, and recruiting (among positions).  It was a great experience and one that I'll never forget. 

Second, I interned at a now-defunct biomedical instrumentation startup called Cytometrics.  While I was there, I worked in many different functions: processing accounts payable, writing image-analysis algorithms, and working with the marketing department to maintain and update the company's website.  I met a number of great people there and had the chance to work in an ultimately flexible environment.  It was a wonderful learning experience.

More detailed information about these activities can be found in my résumé.

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