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Here's a list of all of the awards that I've received for my quote collection "Say WHAT?!?!"  While I don't maintain the page for accolades, I must admit that I do like the recognition. If you'd like to give me an award, please let me know.

Note: This page contains numerous graphics (for of the awards), so it will take approximately two minutes to load over a 28.8 kbps connection.

Silver Source Code Award KittyMother's Cool Site Award
Design World Internet Services Award The Plain Award
Best of the Planet Awards
Best of the Planet Awards 1998
Topher's Castle - Pau Hana Award
We received the
Pau Hana Award
From Topher's Castle
in Honolulu, Hawaii!
King of the Jungle Award The Dawn: Select Site of the Day for February 11, 1998
WebGuide Geocities Site Award Piglet's Perfect Page Award
Nielsen Web Sites & Business Graphics Bronze Award Spyder's Empire's COOL Site Award
Jennifer's CyberTeddy Gold Award Eddie's Award to Internet Excellence

This place is definitely a KEY SITE! The Lighthouse Award for Web Excellence Ravi's Pick Elite Site Award Min's Cool Site Award

Critical Mass Award WA's Top Pick Cool Site of the Night for 2/13/98. Apply for yours! Bunny Award HOT SITE! Award

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