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Please Note!

I have specifically chosen these companies because I enjoy the the utility that they provide.  Some of the companies below provide services, others provide products.  Some of the companies are on this list because I love watching their channels on TV.  Whatever the case, these are not randomly chosen companies.  I have used  their services.  You may find some of them useful.  I've divided the companies into a few groups in order to keep the page sizes down.  Hopefully they won't take more than a minute to load (over a modem).

Plus if you buy anything through one of these links (with a few exceptions), I'll get some $$$$.

Bread&Water, Inc.


1-800 CONTACTS is the world's largest contact lens store with over 10 million contacts in stock and over 2 million satisfied customers! Our website,, offers the exact same contacts your doctor sells, delivered to your door, for less than you are paying now.

Try 1-800 CONTACTS and receive FREE SHIPPING on your contact lenses when you order online. is a premier global gift delivery service, offering the fastest and most cost-efficient global delivery of wine and spirits gifts available today. With retail and delivery partners throughout the United States and several countries around the world, we make it easy for you to send wine, spirits, and other fine gifts to family and friends everywhere.

We provide the fastest and most efficient delivery of premium wines and spirits available today. We are able to keep costs down by relying on inventories from our local partners, rather than sending products across states or countries.


American Express

American Express Company is a diversified worldwide travel, financial and network services company founded in 1850. It is a world leader in charge and credit cards including 

Travelers Cheques; travel; financial planning; business services; insurance; and international banking (including loans).

 CCGBLU00001058 is the online store for Kmart, one of the most recognized names retail.  You can get all sorts of house wares and other stuff for around the house.  Plus, if you're looking for Internet access, they had a program in the past in which you got 40 hours of free access for the month through them if you made a $25 purchase.  I'm not sure if they still have the program, but it's a good deal if they do. - the internet superstore., The Internet Superstore™ and low price leader, offers its customers over 1,000,000 products in a range of categories including computer hardware and software, electronics, wireless products and services, books, and more. Individuals and businesses can shop quickly and easily at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. was named the "Best Overall Place To Buy Mobile Devices" (January 2002), "Best E-Commerce Site" by PC World magazine (June 2001), "Best Overall Place To Buy" by Computer Shopper Magazine (January 2001), a "Best of the Web" in the computer and electronics category by Forbes Magazine (spring 2000 and fall 2000), and the No. 1 electronics e-tailer in the PowerRankings by Forrester Research, Inc. (November 2000).

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Case Logic Direct

Case Logic is a leading worldwide marketer of lifestyle-oriented accessories. The company's products include storage and organization solutions for the audio, computer, photo/video, DVD and automotive markets. By building an excellent reputation for product quality, functionality, innovation, and customer service, the Case Logic brand has earned a position at the forefront of its target markets throughout the world.

Banner 10000033

Cheaper Than Dirt has products for hunting, camping, archery, shooting, and outdoor survival.  They sell military surplus, reloading equipment, ammunition, gun accessories and more.  Their site is heavily sought out by Law Enforcement, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

I got a lot of my travel/survival gear before I went on my trip around the world.  They've got a great selection of products and they are really, really cheap.

Founded in 1996, opened its online doors with a mission to make cigar shopping easy. To accomplish this mission, we aim to be your desktop tobacconist - providing you with great selection, service, speed and freshness. caters to thousands of cigar smokers each day, making it the largest live community of cigar enthusiasts in the world.  Our #1 goal: to provide you with the freshest cigars – every time you order! 

Banner 10000009

Colorado Pen Direct

Everything points to Colorado Pen Direct for pen enthusiasts and collectors.  From fountain pens painstakingly crafted the old world way, to writing instruments machined from exotic alloys and high-tech composites, they connect the past and future of personal communications.  Luxurious leather goods, novel desk accessories and museum-quality pen chests are also part of the story.  Visit Colorado Pen Direct, where we never run dry of the latest instruments and technologies.

Colorado Pen Direct

Dell Home Systems

What can I say about Dell?  Whenever I have a choice (and the money), I try to get Dell products.  I like computers, but I don't know enough about components to put one together myself.  Dell gives me a great combination of cost and component quality.  Yes, they do tend to cost slightly more than their competitors, but their customer service (even if it has fallen off in recent years) is at the top of the industry.  On one of my computers, my modem burned out.  I called Dell customer service, and they sent a repair guy with a new modem to my apartment the next day.  It's great!

button, inc is a leading online drugstore and information site offering A Very Healthy Way to Shop™ for health, beauty, wellness, personal care, and pharmacy products.  The online store provides a convenient, private, and informative shopping experience that encourages consumers to buy products essential to healthy everyday living.

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In association with


Do I really need to say anything about this one? is the only place on the Internet to get totally free condoms! is a clean website that offers a unique and easy way for users to get free protection.

null is the Internet's leading fixed-price, person-to-person marketplace where you can find great deals on books, music, movies, electronics, sporting goods, computers, trading cards and games.

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Handspring is a leading innovator in personal communications and handheld computing. The company develops, manufactures and markets the Treo family of communicators, the Visor family of expandable handheld computers, and client and server software for fast Web access from handheld devices and mobile phones. Founded in 1998, the company established itself as an industry leader with its Springboard platform, which provides a simple and easy method for hardware and software expansion.

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Hickory Farms

Mmmmm... meat.  I can't believe that I included this one on my site.


Iomega makes great storage media.  Back in the day when I was in college, I used ZIP disks all the time.  Lab reports and some of the numerous Excel spreadsheets were too large to hold on a floppy and were too cumbersome to send via e-mail, so we packed them onto ZIP disks and then went on our way.  It was great!

All the floppies in the world don't amount to Zip.


Lens Express

For 15 years, Lens Express has been committed to satisfying customers seeking quality vision products and services at exceptional savings. Their mission is to become your choice for contact lenses and other eyewear.  They offer:

  • Ship products directly to your door, that's convenient!;
  • Free shipping & handling on all orders over $40;
  • Up to 50% off retail prices on glasses, contacts, sunglasses, and designer eyewear; 
  • A rewards program that gives you 5% back; and
  • A money-back guarantee.

McAfee is the world's leading security Application Service Provider (ASP). By hosting Web-based applications for PC users, we're changing how software is developed, delivered and experienced by PC users at home and at work. hosts software application services on its vast technology infrastructure and provides these services to users online through its Web site, virtually eliminating the need to install, configure and manage the technology on a local PC or network.

VirusScan Online - 125x125


Mrs. Fields Original Cookies, Inc

Mmmm... cookies...  Like Hickory Farms, I can't believe that I included this one on my site either.  But, you can't turn down a really good cookie, now can you?

We're not just cookies anymore.


NeoPets is the greatest virtual pet site on the Web.  They've created an entire world that operates using NeoPoints.  You can play all sorts of Flash games in order to earn points.  It's a lot of fun.  This is the site that kept me sane while I was on one of my client projects.

NeoPets!  The greatest virtual pet site on the Web.

Office Depot, Inc

Office Depot is the world's largest seller of office products and an industry leader in every distribution channel, including stores, direct mail, contract delivery, the Internet and business-to-business electronic commerce.


Ritz Camera Centers is by far the leader in the photo-retailing industry with over 1,350 locations in 48 states and the District of Columbia. From its beginnings, Ritz Camera Centers has always prided itself on the quality of its photofinishing. We are unparalleled in giving our customers consistent, colorful print with the famous Ritz "Snap." At Ritz Camera, we understand our customer's needs and continuously strive to introduce new and exciting imaging alternatives such as the self service Create-A-Print and our technologically advances Imagination Center. Our ultimate goal will always be to help our customers preserve their memories and experiences for years to come.



The Sharper Image

This is one of my favorite stores EVER.  I loved going into this place when I was wandering around the malls during those adolescent years.  They've got all sorts of great gadgets and gizmos that intrigue me.

Gift Guide Category

This is another place that I remember from my childhood.  My friends and I would see their stores at the mall and check out what kinds of new and rude goodies they had.  It proved to be a place where we could always count on getting a great gag gift.

Lava 120

Things Remembered

Our mission is to help customers celebrate life's special moments through personalized gifts — from the celebration of birthdays to commemoration of achievements to weddings to births of babies. Our focus is on the celebration of people, in both the Things Remembered family and within the families, friends and co-workers of our customers.

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VistaPrint is the first and only printer to offer business cards for FREE, charging only a small fee to cover shipping and handling. But don’t think that because they are FREE we skimp on quality. These are premium quality, full-color business cards printed on thick, 100 lb. paper stock. Since similar cards cost as much as $179.00, this is simply one of the most unique and valuable FREE gift offers found anywhere, on or off the web.

VistaPrint is so confident you will love our FREE business cards, that we believe you will think of us for all of your printing needs, including letterhead, postcards and invitations. Want to test us out? Give it a shot. We know you’ll be sold.

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